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The Material Library maintains an archive of the various materials and techniques employed by creators in traditional industries.
We play a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability of traditional industries in the future. We provide a place for creatives in architectural, design, and other fields to actively exchange ideas, and apply materials and techniques from other fields.


Business operators in traditional industries can register the materials and techniques they use. Designers and business operators looking to apply specific materials or techniques can also be registered.



The Material Library is open to our business partners as a space for meetings and negotiations. It can also be used to hold workshops, and as an event space.


For around 1,000 years Kyoto prospered as the capital of Japan. During this time, Kyoto developed its own unique culture, including the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Noh plays and Kyogen comedies. Traditional industries employing materials and techniques passed down from ancient times also cropped up. This advanced craftsmanship and sophisticated culture played a vital role in helping shape the cultural landscape of Kyoto, and Japan as a whole. Since its opening in 1977, the Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Design has worked to promote traditional industries by introducing the industries ingrained in Kyoto, while tracking their background. The Museum was renovated in 2020 to broaden the focus on introducing the works of modern-day creators, and to establish a freeform place of exchange where creators and users can look on traditional industries as they stand today, and carve out a vision for the future together.

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