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Urushi Karakami -Japanese lacquer-


Our Karakami is produced by traditional methods. The patterns are printed using the woodblocks with natural paints and rub with the palms of the hands. 

We developed Urushi Karakami as the new material which expresses a deep glossy pattern peculiar to lacquer.

The mat finish of Japanese traditional Washi paper and luster pattern makes the vivid contrast.

 The unevenness of the pattern, which can be seen through the glossy lacquer, gives each piece a different look and creates a profound feeling in the space.

The color and luster of Urushi changes brighter and it becomes more transparent over time, 

Please enjoy the special texture of hand-made lacquer.

According to your choice of pattern and color, we will make one by one as your request.


Craft genre
Material genre
Karakami, Japanese lacquer, Woodblock print
Material used
Wall paper, Art panel, Furniture
Delivery date
21 days


・Because we made all by hand, the color and texture of each piece is slight different. 

Please be careful when the production lot is different, such as additional order.

・Japanese Urushi (lacquer) changes into transparency and get brighter over time. 

Please note you might have slightly different color from the samples.

・This product uses Urushi lacquer. The unique odor of lacquer is due to the main ingredient, urushiol. It would generally disappear within 1-3months.

・For people with sensitive skins, rarely have irritation or allergic reactions.

 Please note it will not be any harm once the main ingredient evaporated. 

If you feel any abnormality, please consult a doctor.

・Washi papers and Urushi might be discolored by the ultraviolet rays.

 Please do not expose to direct sunlight

*If you have any questions concerning quality of our product, please contact us before use.  Please note that we are not able to accept any complaints after cutting and fixing our products.


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